Thee Danny Lund Solo Live in New York City

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Thee Danny Lund Solo Live at THE BITTER END NYC

March 20 2016

Live with his ukulele at The Bitter End singing the songs we’ve all come to be so puzzled about. Different local acts will also appear. If you’re out of town or located somewhere else in the world you can stream this marvelous mess here:

Otherwise we’ll be seeing you at The Bitter End Palm Sunday 2016. Just show up at:

The Bitter End
147 Bleecker St
New York, NY 10012
United States

Doors: 8:00pm | $5

Can’t make on a Sunday? Try Monday:

Thee Danny Lund Solo Live at THE PALISADES NYC

March 21 2016

Yup, this Copenhagen crooner will uke till you puke at The Palisades the very next day singing even more of his sordid songs of love, despair, and what else is in the air. Four local acts will also perform this night. Grab hold of your spouse, leave your house, and head for

The Palisades
906 Broadway
Brooklyn, New York

Doors: 8:00pm | $5